25 mayo 2006

Sharepoint 2003 Indexing Rules

How Indexing Rules work in Sharepoint 2003 is one of the obscure topics of the product as documentation is quite poor. However, after reading all the available articles and experimenting a lot with it, we have reached some conclusions.

The following apply when creating rules for the Sharepoint Sites (including a Portal Site):

You can write rules to include or exclude content to be indexed or searched by specifing Sites and Item URL Patterns. Here are some examples (amonlanc:8080 is a Sharepoint Portal Server):

In the index management page you can see the number of documents in the index. This is not really the number of documents you can search information, but the number of documents processed during the indexing process. In the example before, no items where processed for rule [http://amonlanc:8080/sites/archive/ - Exclude] but the site itself; however it will count all the items excluded by the rule [http://amonlanc:8080/sites/test/* - Exclude].

Rules apply from first to last, being the first the most prioritary. This is important, as:

means to exclude one site (kb) while

means to index all contents, including kb site. So order matters.

I'm still working on it so I may publish more details. If you have any doubt or comment please add them to the article and hopefully I will be able to answer it.