31 julio 2006

Got 2 more: 70-528 & 70-536!

I have just started my way on .net 2.0 certifications with 2 exams. 70-528 (Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development) and 70-536 (Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation).

First one is a wide-check of your knowledge on web development in 2.0. It is not a difficult exam. Second one is more tricky as it checks the knowledge you have in specificities of .net 2.0 framework. I recommend to specially make an efford to prepare this exam, as it covers many not-so-common classes (drawing and cryptography-related, for example).

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saurabh dijo...

Would you recommend going for 70-528 before 70-536 or it hardly matters?

Oriol dijo...


It is not very important as questions and materials are different for both exams.

However I recomend starting from 70-528 first as it is actually the fundamentals of .net framework 2.0 (above other exams are built: web -70-536-, windows and enterprise architectures).

Joan Pons dijo...

Hi Oriol,
Where are you studing to face this certifications ? how much it cost you ? are you going by your self ?
BTW nice blog! keep on writing !
Mataró (Spain)

Oriol dijo...

Hi Joan,

In raona certifications are part of our professional career and we study them by ourselves (we do not usually receive training for exams), but we are given all the necessary materials (books, MOCs, etc.). For these certifications I read the book I commented in another post (Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation), which I really recommend. I also read the MOCs.

Hope this relps. Thanks for your comments!


Anónimo dijo...

Hi, what is MOC ?
Any good refence for the study for 70-536 ?

Oriol dijo...

MOC = Microsoft Official Curriculum

It's a set of materials to learn about a Microsoft technology.

For 70-536 I really recommend reading a book, take a look at:

Hope this helps!

Diogo dijo...

Hi Oriol!
I'm from brazil and I want to take this 70-536 exam. It's being very difficult to find some reference from who has already passed that. This would be my first microsoft exam, and I started studyind the book "Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation". Do you think it's enough to reach the certification? Does The book cover all exam questions or at least the context of the questions? How was your score?
Since now, thanks for helping =)

Oriol dijo...

Hi diogo,

If you mean the Traning Kit book then it is actually the same book I read to prepare for this exam.

It is a really good book, if you read it (I mean read, diagonal read and skiping what I think I know is not reading!) you will pass for sure the exam. I also enjoyed it.

I can't remember my score but it was at least 850 or 900.

If this is your first certification I usually recommend taking a look to a testking. It will help you understand the type of questions, but be carefull because sometimes there are errors and this could lead you to confusion. Moreover testkings can help you "do the finishing" of the preparation, but what is definetively not is the studining guide.


Skaue dijo...

I just passed 70-536, barely, with 718 points (out of 1000). That was second attempt. Man that exam was hard on me, but then again I'm completely new to .Net and c#.

I just wonder, will 528 be just as hard? I know my way around webdev since its been my job for the last 7-8 years.