07 noviembre 2008

Troubleshooting Excel Web Service and Visual Studio 2008

After some hours developing with Excel Web Service and Visual Studio 2008 I have discovered that an only single consideration can save you a lot of time.

When you add the Excel Web Service in Visual Studio 2008 operations will have a different signature compared to MSDN samples, and if you try for example to set a range you may experience some problems with an object of type ArrayOfAnyType.

However all these issues and differences can be avoided with one simple configuration change:

1. Add the Excel Web Service.

2. Click the Visual Studio button to Show All Files, in Solution Explorer.

3. The Web Service will appear as a folder. You can click on it and some files appear.

4. You will see a file called Reference.svcmap. Open it.

5. In element: ReferenceGroup

a. In ClientOptions

i. In Serializer: Change Auto to XmlSerializer:

And everything will work fine!

In the link below there is a comment that explains what we have done. By default Visual Studio uses a DataContractSerializer, but an XmlSerializer should be used instead.


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