14 noviembre 2008

Tunning a development virtual machine for Sharepoint

One of the rules I have set up in my team when developing Sharepoint
projects is to use Virtual Machines. We may use VMWare or Virtual PC,
depending on the machine pattern we take at the beginning of the project.
Though our hardware is usually a high-profiled Dell laptop, it sometimes
becomes a quite slow environment to work.

Four tips to run Sharepoint virtual machines faster I have found so far are:
- Running the machine in an external disk.
- Assigning at least 2 Gb of RAM Memory.
- Stoping search service (when not needed).
- Defragmenting the virtual machine. If you use VMWare you can do it from
the disk tools, in machine settings, which is much more faster.

Hope this helps to anyone working in a similar way...

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